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    Welcome to Zhejiang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.!Stock code: 603456

    Zhejiang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

    Generalmanager officer: +86-576-88827580

    E-mail: jiuzhou@jiuzhoupharma.com

    Investment & Sevuritise Dept: +86-576-88706789

    E-mail: 603456@jiuzhoupharma.com

    Sale Dept: +86-576-88827561

    E-mail: sale@jiuzhoupharma.com

    Human resource Dept: +86-576-88827582

    E-mail: hr@jiuzhoupharma.com

    Fax: +86-576-88827559

    Add: 99 Waisha Road, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, PRC Postal (318000)

    About us

    Current location: Home > About us


    Zhejiang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, (Abbr. Jiuzhou Pharma, Stock code 603456), was formed in 1998. The company evolved out of the Dongshan Chemical Factory which dates back to 1973.

    Jiuzhou Pharma is committed to the research & development, production, and sale of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). In addition, the company offers one-stop CDMO services for global pharmaceutical giants in Asia, Europe and North America. Jiuzhou Pharma is the top API manufacturer and supplier of Carbamazepine, Oxcarbazepine, Ketoprofen and Gliclazide worldwide.  The company has been honored with a number of industry and government accolades including, “Top 100 in the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry ”, “China's Leading Exporter of APIs”, “National High-Tech Enterprise”, “National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprises”,“Zhejiang ‘Sanming’ Cultivation Pilot Enterprises”,“Zhejiang Innovative Leading Enterprises”, etc.. “Jiuzhou” is widely regarded as the most well-known export brand to come out of Zhejiang.

    Jiuzhou’s API is highly competitive internationally. The company has a sterling track record with regulatory authorities including the FDA and EDQM. Jiuzhou has diverse API experience and a robust pipeline which includes central nervous system drugs, non-steroidal drugs, anti-infection drugs, hypoglycemic drugs, tumor treatment drugs, anti-depressant drugs, Parkinson treatment drugs, HCV drugs, diabetes drugs and respiratory anti-infection drugs. The company’s experience across many areas of pharmaceutical manufacturing and history of excellence makes for a bright future.

    At Jiuzhou, we are committed to excellence. The manufacturing and research systems and processes we have in place are mature and reflect this commitment. The company has three production sites located in Taizhou, Zhejiang and Yancheng, Jiangsu. Jiuzhou’s R&D division includes innovation platforms like our National Certified Enterprise Technology Center, National Post-Doctoral Scientific Research Workstation, Provincial Academician Expert Workstation and Research Institute of Key Enterprises in Zhejiang. There are R&D centers in Hangzhou, Taizhou and the United States. We employ a high-level, professional, and international team. Among them, one team member enjoys special government allowances of the State Council, and eight are high-level, national, and provincial experts. These world class teams have been honored as “Zhejiang Technological Innovation Teams in Key Enterprises” and “Zhejiang Leading Innovation and Entrepreneurial Teams”.

    Jiuzhou R&D is leading in the field of core chemical technology, research and development and innovation in the Pharmaceutical industry. It has undertaken more than 30 national and provincial research projects. To this date, the company has 139 granted invention patents and 2 utility model patents. Jiuzhou has made a long standing commitment to the research and development of Green Chemical Pharmaceutical technology. Globally the company is a leading innovator in areas such as asymmetric chiral synthesis, fluorine chemistry, enzyme catalysis and Continuous Micro-reactor technology.

     “Jiuzhou, in sync with the world". Adhering to the mission of "Caring for Life, Maintaining the Health". The company remains committed to maintaining the steady growth of its traditional products while at the same time it will vigorously develop the new drug CDMO business. Jiuzhou will continue to grow and innovate, entering new areas of business covering generic drug service “API + Preparation”. Jiuzhou aims to be a first-class, internationally influential, “patient oriented pharmaceutical company", while making greater contributions to human health.

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